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Thanks to a lot of you for your photos of our Page Pull. I've put together a slide show of many of them to give you a feel for the event from start to finish. Big Lake Trading Post was good enough to let us use their surrounding land. Jim and Gene got to "play" for several weeks on several old machines they have in their collection and turn an area that had never been worked, into a 300'x110' tract and viewing area.

A few days before the event we began to put tractors up on the corner of the property and immediately attracted several Indians wanting to purchase tractors. Thanks to a grant from our Page Tourism Bureau we were able to purchase a street banner and have it hung the week before the event. On Friday most began to pull in and besides tractors we had a few display areas. Earl Wolfe brought his "do nothing" machine which was a real hit.

Saturday morning it was windy and stormy looking. Jim had run once a trail out into the desert past the cliffs and back in. It seemed to work so like a wagonmaster, we rounded up anyone who wanted to do a ride and they repeated the drive. I wondered if we would be know as the event that took everyone out into the desert and lost them in the sand. But everyone made the trip safely and seemed to like the experience. So next year Jim is planning an even longer run that should overlook the lake.

A crowd had developed that seemed eager to see something happen and the clouds seemed to be closing in. Someone said it was raining hard in St. George, so it was decided to start pulling even though it was only a little after 10 and if it wasn't raining by 1, the time we had planned to start, we would just pull some more. The clouds held off until about 3:30 and then let it pour. Needless to say the show was over. It rained the rest of the evening and into the night and really soaked down the field.

The next day was perfect, clear and calm and everyone was in a mood to pull or watch. We had a good crowd that again stayed for every minute and we again pulled from around 10am to about 3pm. Then it was time to put things away and everyone was great to help us leave the area clean. About 4pm most of us headed for dinner and then said our good-byes.

So if you go to the CCAMA blog spot by clicking here and look to the left of the page, just under the list of officers and above the calendar, you can click and watch a slideshow of the event, thanks to your many contributions of pictures. At the end of the show you can return to the CCAMA page by clicking the back arrow at the top left of your screen. Enjoy

Our First Tractor

Our First Tractor
1955 Massey Harris 44-6